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Chelo at heart is a "cenaduria". A "fonda" that is a central meeting ground for all, offering "comida corrida" highlighting street style snacks, pastries, seasonal Mexican cuisine and whimsical professionally crafted libations. Inspiration comes from the foundation established by Luna's grandmother's restaurant in a small "colonia" in Guadalajara, Jalisco.


We take great pride in our cuisine and work closely with local 

purveyors here in the Pacific Northwest. Utilizing the bounty of Oregon and Southwest Washington farms we only use the best ingredients to carefully prepare our dishes.

Favoring scratch methods Chelo only uses Organic GMO free corn for our masa, source dried chiles and Mexican cheeses made here in Oregon as well as . The dishes that are built stay true to but always evolve on tradition.

Chelo is a collaborative effort. A playful and whimsical approach to seasonality and the thought process to always be true.

Luna humbly shares Chelo with you!

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